(reported On Again In June) And The Soon-to-be-demolished Mt.

landscape photography

A South of South neighborhood greening project known as Carpenter Green got closer to reality, Lauren Vidas, the chair of South of South Neighborhood Association, said the civic group has been advocating for its green preservation since 2008. Other projects seemed to rise in concert with the green spaces approach to construction: the 113-unit mixed-use complex at 2401 Washington Ave. (reported on again in June) and the soon-to-be-demolished Mt. Sinai Hospital at Fourth and Reed streets. After the Philadelphia City Controllers report on the citys Department of Licenses & Inspections (L&I) upkeep on the 1,215 vacant properties across the city, SPR looked at how South Philly fares in comparison. 101 of the 1,215 properties were considered Unsafe, Imminently Dangerous or Hazardous with conditions that were not in compliance, and some were in the four South Philly zip codes. Of the four, 19146 emerged as the highest on the list of Zip Codes at eighth with imminently dangerous properties (31); 19148 was 14th with 23; 19145 was 18th with 18; and 19147 was 37th with only nine. Universal Audenried Charter High, 3301 Tasker St., entertained a very special guest at the end of Black History Month Run DMCs Darryl DMC McDaniels. The hip-hop legend visited the Grays Ferry school as part of Determined to Educates Conversations with Legends series. This time with the schools founder, legendary recording industry pioneer, Kenny Gamble.

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Use A Small Aperture F/22 To Keep The Entire Scene In Focus.

The decoration of the garden can be completed with this type of fencing. The furniture you chose really depends on your budget and the style of your backyard landscaping ideas. Take your pictures during the magic hours. Seldom will there be any help available except what is included with the software, but they can provide some information about choosing plants for individual climates. Lines, such as tracks, riverbanks or fences, may work successfully. One of the drawbacks of using free landscaping software is it may not allow the user to change the style of the house or the layout of the flowerbeds or other gardens. Many professional photographers like to take most of their landscapes photos a few hours after sunrise or before sunset to get the best lighting affects. 7.

Learn about the different qualities of lightrange, size, direction and colorand how they can all affect your image, then find out how to control and modify light for better photographs. Gain a strong understanding of dynamic range, when and how to use Polarizing and Neutral Density filters, composition “rules”, using depth of field and different lenses and more. Travel like a pro Get advice for traveling successfully as a photographer, everything from planning for a trip to what to pack. Learn how to tell better stories with your travel photographywhat types of things you can photograph to make your story complete, as well as creative shooting styles to add intrigue and variety. Spice up your stories

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I Have Always Been Behind The Scenes, Says Kriemler, 55, While Driving His Black Saab Sedan On A Tour Of Tranquil St.

landscape photography

Applying The Experience Gained To A New Landscape Will Allow You To Maximize The Quality.

Can handle the hot dry sun grows fast produces orange trumpet shaped flowers in the summer months that attract hummingbirds and butterflies. A wide range of colours, styles of posts and railings can be given to these fences to improve the look.Wire netting fencing is also one of the most popular forms of Fencing In Your Backgarden. From there, install a fountain inside a piece of clay pottery. If you have a yard that is prone to lots of weeds, a backyard landscaping idea is make sure the lawn is weed backed along with being mowed at least once a week. Take your pictures during the magic hours. As mentioned previously, as you build your new, larger landscape, you will be aware of the shortcomings and mistakes you encountered when building the previous development. Photography is all about light so it is important to understand how light can affect your photos. Location is another key factor to consider.

EAST SIDE | In the past year, Akris has greatly expanded its global footprint, with three new stores (including this one) in Shanghai alone. Cutting-edge art, design, photography and architecture from the likes of Paul Thek, George Nelson, Thomas Ruff and Herzog & de Meuron. Meet the Swiss powerhouse with the soul of an artist and the eye of a curator By 0 COMMENTS ENLARGE MINIMALIST MASTER | Akris designer Albert Kriemler photographed at the brands Paris showroom, housed in a 16th arrondissement apartment. Photo: Katja Rahlwes for WSJ. Magazine UNLIKE MOST fashion designers, Albert Kriemler does not engage in the hyper self-promotion endemic to Generation Me. He has helmed his familys Akris brand for the past three decades, steering it from a respected but sleepy clothing manufacturer into an understated, rigorous fashion label that shows on the catwalks of Paris. Yet he shuns most of the trappings that come with that distinction. Celebrity socializing, media grandstanding, party hopping and photo-opping are not part of his world. In the ever-more-public sphere of fashion, his name is not well-known. I have always been behind the scenes, says Kriemler, 55, while driving his black Saab sedan on a tour of tranquil St. Gallen, the Swiss town of 75,000 where he was born and raised, and where his grandmother Alice Kriemler-Schoch founded the Akris label in 1922. I dont feel like I want the world to be looking and commenting, taking part in my private life. Work demands that Kriemler travel nearly four months out of every year, but his personal and professional base is St.

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Admission Is $2.50 Adults, $2 Students And Seniors, $1.50 Children.

landscape photography

There Are Two Salient Points In Landscape Photography: How To Compose Your Image, And How To Use Available Natural Light In Any Given Situation.

Many professional photographers like to take most of their landscapes photos a few hours after sunrise or before sunset to get the best lighting affects. 7. Graduated grey filters are fairly cheap and they can often help avoid that overblown sky. 10. Good container plant in cold climates. Take your camera case, packed with your equipment, and your passion for the art of photography; the nature’s best is out there waiting for you. Try taking your pictures using the rule of two thirds – try it with the sky and horizon in the top third, then try it with the sky and horizon in the top two thirds of the picture. 5. The advantage of this is that it is of low maintenance and can easily withstand the damages caused by climate and domestic animals. 

Hours: 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Tues.-Sat. Admission is $2.50 adults, $2 students and seniors, $1.50 children. hutchingsmuseum.org. (801) 768-7180. IRON HORSE GALLERY 1205 Iron Horse Dr., Park City. 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Mon.-Saturday. Noon-5 p.m. Sunday.

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This Will Provide You With A Simple, Yet Effective Accent To A Normal Flower Bed.

These are often used to light backyards during barbecues. Sunny days with bright blue skies and white puffy clouds make for great photos, but a stormy day can produce an array of unique images, too. Thus, if you take these illuminated poles and strategically place them throughout the backyard, it really can add to the overall ambience. Fencing is very important for a backyard and sometimes are a contentious issue when shared with neighbours. Train on posts, walls, or trellises, or use as a fast-growing shrubby ground cover. Start in the pool area, and place a pot in each corner. This is easy to erect and offers and excellent finish to backyard.Trees and plants provides shelter and privacy but fencing in your backyard is also very important Halls’ Honeysuckle Lonicera japonica `Halliana` Great looking semi-evergreen vine, perfect for the south-west, white and yellow flowers that will bloom from spring thou late fall. It takes creativity, dedication, a lot of practice and don’t forget that all important tripod. Cameras don’t think for themselves. These themes would lend themselves well to various backyard landscaping ideas.