Construction and Building Sites

A New Post From Stephen Dwyer

In the building game and need some shots to spruce up your next presentation? Even if your not in the building or construction business you are probably trying to build something. Need to build sales or construct a project, want to build enthusiasm or engagement? These photos might help. The phrase “a picture tells a thousand words” applies today more than ever. Don’t send your next meeting to sleep reading line after line on a screen, keep them awake, engaged and expectant by including photos.

Snowy Canberra

A New Post From Jeremy Wood

Hey it snowed in our capital city this morning. It used to happen nearly every winter but not so much lately. It was a bit patchy with more on the southern hills and a good 10cm on Mt Ainslie. I expect there is much more on the Brindabellas but it isn’t clear enough to see yet. I’ve uploaded a few pics including on Mt Ainslie, which was packed with people.

Fun Farmers Markets

A New Post From Stephen Dwyer

Farmers Markets and Community Markets are proving to be serious competition to the supermarket giants and its not surprising. There are no trollies and no inane music playing, just the smells of fresh grown and cooked food and the sounds of people enjoying themselves. How much better can it get than to walk around a market with a good coffee discovering beautiful breads, vegetables and produce direct from the producer or farmer themselves.
Be sure to see my comments accompanying this new Lightbox as well as the stats provided in my previous blog about the linked Gallery.

World War One memorials in Sydney

A New Post From Stephen Dwyer

A new Lightbox is now available with images of the Cenotaph in Sydney’s Martin Place and the ANZAC memorial in nearby Hyde Park. Rather than trying to capture the entire memorial these images focus more on details and components, that by themselves attempt to draw out the emotions that the sculptors and designers were conveying. The rain drops clinging to the bronze soldier and sailor guarding each end of the Cenotaph add to the sobering expressions on their faces. The sharp relief of the granite sailor and nurse atop the ANZAC memorial also stand proudly and watch down day after day, often unnoticed by the passers by in Hyde Park.