A new lightbox: Architecture in Cuba Photos

A New Post From Christina Jablonski http://GlobalEyeImages.com/portfolio/CJablonski

I’ve just updated a set of Architecture photos to my stock catalogue. Architecture in Cuba is a lightbox of 22 Images that could be useful for a variety of commercial uses.

It is impossible to visit Cuba and not to enjoy its countryside, hospitable people and its unique architecture. Discovered in the fifteenth century the island is a smorgasbord of styles reflecting changes in its history and prosperity, traditions and lifestyle. This set of photos shows the simple houses, palace and mansions, residential buildings and churches. Many have been included in the UNESCO heritage list and every effort is made to preserve them.

Architecture in Cuba Stock Photography

If this is something you might be able to use, please check them out and if I can assist in any way, please do let me know.

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